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We Offer Services for the Development of Business Systems for Our Customers.

Leveraging the technical expertise and experience accumulated through numerous project achievements, we are continuously conducting research to swiftly incorporate new technologies. With a knowledge base that covers a wide range of technologies, we provide optimal proposals and high-quality development.

WEB Application Development



Proposal of Software Architecture Using Open-Source Software (OSS)


Development of Business Systems that Require Advanced Operability


Research and Selection of Various UI/UX Libraries


Development Utilizing Standard Web System Technologies HTML5 and Angular Framework


Due to the expiry of paid licenses and requests for cost reduction
If necessary, we will update the system to a free license.


Through screen component standardization, we achieve efficient implementation of numerous screens, independent of the technical level.

Reducing Development Duration

Since it is a general JavaScript framework, the development duration is short, which causes cost advantage.
In addition to JavaScript, Angular has added TypeScript, further improving development efficiency.

Open Framework

Angular is a platform developed by Google. Leveraging standard web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript, it enables the development of highly maintainable and flexible applications, achieving a high level of maintainability and freedom.

Cross Platform

It runs on a browser, so it is compatible with any device such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet without installation of additional app.

Lightweight Operation

All information is loaded on a single page, and screen transitions are managed through JavaScript without the need for communication upon clicking. Once the data is loaded, the content remains accessible even in areas with no network coverage."

System information

We have established a system that increases the flexibility of development through collaboration between the customer and the head office development team.
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