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Experts in leading change through innovative thinking and actions, dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction within their respective fields.

We seek individuals who embody honesty and trust, unafraid of change, consistently developing themselves to possess the necessary skills and ethics. We are in need of forward-thinking professionals who can accompany us into the 21st century

The Qualities We Value

  • Fidelity to basic principles

  • Proficient in cultivating professional relationships

  • Collaborative team players with a positive attitude towards new challenges

  • Those who find joy in balancing work and life

  • Aspiring charismatic programmers

  • Practical web development skills (e.g. Java)

  • Experience and skills in Android and iOS development 

Application Requirements

We seek passionate professionals with a proactive approach to work, demonstrating autonomy regardless of their field of study. Ideal candidates should possess independent thinking and action, delivering customer-centric services.

Qualification requirements

• Interest in programming

• Experience in programming
• Expertise in Java and Android highly desired

Guidance on Applying for Company Information Sessions

A company information session will be held at the head office.
We accept applications for company information sessions at any time.
If you are interested, please contact our recruitment email address.
Once you contact us, we will contact you to adjust the schedule.

Recruitment Process
① Application Review

Resume (optional attachment: portfolio, works, etc.)

② Interview (Human Resources Department and Director)

*Interviews will be conducted online or in person at our office.

③ Result Notification

*We will contact you promptly by phone, text, email, etc.


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