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Tomato Co., Ltd. is dedicated to exploring new frontiers.

Always striving to surpass current standards, we relentlessly pursue innovative value. While leveraging our current expertise in web systems and app development, we are committed to concentrating company resources towards venturing into the emerging field of the IoT society.

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Tomato Co., Ltd. is building an organization that values its human capital

As a collective of individuals equipped with top-notch skills in various fields, we base our strength on this diversity to continuously create future value. Instead of conforming to a traditional bureaucratic structure, we strive to establish a company that values the human assets of its members, fostering an internally enriched organization rather than one defined solely by external dimensions

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Tomato Co., Ltd. leads in cutting-edge technology, centered around research and development.

In the fiercely competitive global landscape, we adeptly understand the needs of our customers, engage with international markets, and swiftly develop the services they seek. We consistently possess the technological prowess to provide innovative solutions.

Antenna for New Technologies

Next-Generation Services

■ AI
​■ FinTech
​■ Cloud Service

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